Pre-Launch Paintjob

Posted on February 11, 2013 · Posted in SV Ruth Updates

As we get closer & closer to launching, some of the final jobs on Schooner Ruth are happening. Now that the Rig Team has completed most of their dirty work, (Tarring, Tarring & more Tarring.) it’s time to paint the deck! After two days of power washing & scrubbing with a powerful detergent, it’s ready. The whole team helped with the scrubbing, but it’s left to the boys to do the taping & painting. Sean Parsonage & Taeo Tsagkaris had to tape around each winch, bollard, deckhouse & pipe that was one the deck; ensuring that each line was rounded and a perfect 4” off. The whole crew joined in for the fun part, though – peeling up the tape!

Our new cream colour, complete with silica sand grains, should keep clean looking & not get too hot in the sun.

A job well done team!