Mount Gay Race – Tres Hombres Sail

Posted on January 21, 2013 · Posted in SV Ruth Updates

It’s that time of year again! The 300th Anniversary Mount Gay Around Barbados Race.
Schooner Ruth Crew were delighted to be aboard the Enginless Sail – Cargo vessel Tres Hombres. Tres Hombres & Schooner Ruth already have a strong relationship, as the brigantine visited last year & put in contact the Master Rigger Sean Parsonage with the Ruth Build Project. More than half our team here have been crew on Tres Hombres.

With a start time of about 0600, the Ruth crew were up and early trekking down the beach before sunrise to meet the ship, alongside in the Careenage, downtown Bridgetown.

Everyone was eager to get aloft and loose sail, and had nearly everything set as the start time passed. A lightwind day to be sure, everyone enjoyed a fair cruise down the West Coast. Rounding North Point, however, it was determined that the wind was altogether too light to sail down the treacherous lee shore of Barbados’ East Coast.

Ending the day at the Barbados Cruising Club was the perfect way to complete the race, and crews from all the boats enjoyed a signature Mount Gay Rum Punch.

Schooner Ruth hopes be sailing in Barbados this time next year, and will Challenge Tres Hombres to the race!