Installing the Final Winches

Posted on February 14, 2013 · Posted in SV Ruth Updates

Valentine’s Day on Schooner Ruth, and one way to celebrate is by doing something we love – Installing our beautiful winches! Cpt. Danielle Doggett & Anges Fournier spent the morning carefully dismantling each of our jib sheet winches. Weighing in at 75lbs each, these cast bronze beauties are not something you want to drop on your toe. Also, the number of intricate and tiny parts is intimidating: losing one small spring would mean ordering a replacement – from Australia!

Agnes’ desire to learn about the winches is also interesting; she hopes to bring back some new knowledge to the small fleet of wooden schooners she maintains in Husavic, Iceland.

Now that the final winches have been installed here in Barbados, it is one more small step completed – one more step towards launching!