Schooner Ruth Launch

Schooner Ruth – Vision Statement

The sail cargo ship Schooner Ruth, named for an indefatigable daughter of the Canadian Maritimes was conceived and constructed in Barbados by Barbadian and OECS Caribbean craftsmen based on the Canadian grand banks schooner Bluenose of 1921. She will replicate historic Caribbean regional trading routes using state of art wind and solar electrical systems to minimize carbon footprint in her operation. Schooner Ruth will provide accredited seamanship and traditional sail training opportunities for young adults ages 18-25. Schooner Ruth will represent select Barbadian brands through her cargo shipping capacity of 25 metric tons and her hi profile operation and will seek to promote and enhance the regional supply chain for fresh and perishable produce.

The launch of Schooner Ruth in December, 2014 an incremental but meaningful step toward the advancement of the cause of sustainable international shipping and the promotion of hybrid wind/power cargo vessels such as the Ecoliner concept,

The Sail Training Program has been designed by Schooner Ruth to celebrate the ties of Barbados and the Windward Islands, Guyana in South America, New England and the Canadian Maritimes.

Schooner Ruth Operations

Although many of our interested followers are already aware, SV Ruth has wonderfully exciting news – she is fitting out for operations to move cargo from the windward islands and has a new Master and Sail Instructor – Gerrit Scheper; a bajan and 7th generation Schooner Captain! As of Sunday, April 23rd, 2017, we can officially say that we are ready to continue our sailing tradition! … Read More

Bluenose, Grand Bank Schooner

Schooner Ruth Launch

Schooner Ruth Partners

Every industry in Barbados is experiencing challenging times; it is vital that companies can differentiate themselves and lead by example. Promoting your company and Barbados through sustainable energy (wind & solar) and helping reduce the carbon footprint in our region are very powerful initiatives. Endorsing Barbados through a green lifestyle and supporting the training and education of young Barbadians through employment opportunities is crucial.

We hope the ideals of the Caribbean Sail Cargo Initiative and Schooner Ruth fit the corporate mission, values and business policies of your Company. Our ultimate goal is collaboration with a few select Barbados Manufacturers and Distributors to help us achieve the operational stage, planned for February 2015 and we invite Companies of like mind and mission to contact our President, Mr. Ian Dash on 246 256 6688 in order to find and discuss mutually beneficial ideas that can expand this worthwhile venture.

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Schooner Ruth Launch


Although many of our interested followers are already aware, SV Ruth has wonderfully exciting news – she is launched and in the water! As of Saturday, December 6th, 2014, we.. read more

Installing the Final Winches


Valentine’s Day on Schooner Ruth, and one way to celebrate is by doing something we love – Installing our beautiful winches! Cpt. Danielle Doggett & Anges Fournier spent the morning.. read more

Pre-Launch Paintjob


As we get closer & closer to launching, some of the final jobs on Schooner Ruth are happening. Now that the Rig Team has completed most of their dirty work,.. read more